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      The corporation own National Engineering Design Composite Grade-A Qualification Certificate, National Grade-A Engineering Consultation Qualification Certificate, Grade-A Qualification Certificate of Urban and Rural Planning, Grade-A Cost Consultation Qualification Certificate, Engineering Exploration Composite Grade-A Qualification Certificate, Engineering Surveying Grade-A Qualification Certificate Geological Disaster Evaluation Grade-A Qualification Certificate, House building Engineering Supervision Grade-A Qualification Certificate, Grade-A Qualification Certificate, Safety Assessment Grade-A Qualification Certificate of building intelligentization design & construction, Grade-A Qualification Certificate of housing building construction general contracting, Qualification Certificate of real estate development, Qualification Certificate of project bidding agency, Grade-A Qualification Certificate of Safety Assessment, Grade-B Qualification Certificate of confidentiality for weapon and equipment production Enterprise, Certificate of Consultation business for military industrial enterprises with confidential, environmental impact assessment of the construction project, architectural design obtained ISO9001 quality system qualification certificate, Building engineering obtained ISO9000, ISO14000 and OSHMS18000 three in one system qualification certificate, Own Certificate of management right for Foreign engineering general contracting.

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