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      For more than 40 years, China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd. has accomplished over a thousand next but two from front-line Construction, relocation and design for the aerospace industry, the special engineering design for the national defense industry as well as R&D and batch production of key models of weapon. Also, the company took a share in the consulting and design of supporting facilities for the scientific research, manufacture and test, etc of such key national technological innovation projects like the manned spaceflight project and the moon probe project, so the company has made great contributions to the national defense and the aerospace industry. In terms of the design of civil architecture, the company has undertaken nearly a thousand engineering design projects for civil use in nearly provinces, municipality and autonomous regions in China and foreign countries, covering machinery, electronics, meteorology, civil aviation, healthcare, cultural education, sports, China's embassies and consulates and the Olympic venues, etc. The typical projects include Beijing Planetarium, Beijing R&D Center for Space Technology, Laoshan Velodrome and Laoshan Mountain Bike Course at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the mass culture and sports center in Lhasa, the new base of FAW's Passenger Car Research Center, Xiamen Taigu hangar and China's Embassy in Pakistani, etc.

      The group corporation own solid strength for exploration and design services, including various engineering investigation and surveying, geotechnical engineering design and construction, water and soil analysis, water resources survey, pit sinking, well flushing, engineering geophysics exploration, engineering consultation and geologic hazard evaluation, etc. At present, over 600 key national engineering survey and design tasks have been successfully completed, nearly 50 of which were awarded with the country and ministerial level outstanding exploration and design prizes.
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