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      China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd. (Aerospace Construction) has the certificate of Foreign Engineering Contracting and the certificate of Complete Foreign Aid Projects General Contracting. The company’s main business scope covers survey, design consultation, general contracting, construction engineering, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent agriculture, new materials, and intelligent manufacturing. Aerospace Construction can provide planning, design, construction, management, consultation and other services in the whole industrial chain.

      In response to the “Go Globally” strategy and the “One Belt One Road” Initiative, Aerospace Construction makes full use of domestic and overseas resources and markets, and focuses on the fight in the second battlefield - developing international market. Aerospace Construction established four key market layouts in Africa, Middle East, South Asia & Southeast Asia, and Europe, and has established business contacts with more than 20 countries including Kenya, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Chile, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Armenia, Germany, etc. Aerospace Construction strives to promote coordinated development between associate companies through international engineering contracting, and drive CASIC’s products and services to “Go Globally”.


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