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      The Development of AirspaceSpecial Equipment

      The company has made a triumph in the research and development of multiple special equipment such as high-strength blast-resistant door, special door, movable house and roof, thermal control coating equipment and large collection room. Its products are associated with a number of fields like aeronautics and astronautics, And such special equipment as the multi-freedom rotary table and the special engineering equipment for civil aircraft maintenance is under development.

      Electromagnetic Shielding

      The Company has a strong advantage on the shielding darkroom. And over the years, a series of developments, researches and innovations has been conducted to the electromagnetic protection technology which has also got some success. In the internal aerospace system, the shielding rooms and anechoic chambers have been designed and installed by several units. Electromagnetic shielding class engineering is a systematic engineering, covering the professional disciplines of air conditioning, fire protection, monitoring, distribution, wave absorbing, etc.

      The new prefabricated reinforced concret structure system

      The whole assembly of precast concrete structure system,non- cast insitu connection precast concrete, prefabricated components rate reached 90%,compared to traditional cast concrete structure with saving materials, save water, save energy, save space, save labor, low construction cost, construction speed, short construction period and other significant advantages, can be widely used in car parks, supermarkets, etc., to provide high-quality, cost-effective new building solutions for customers.

      Controlling Noise

      The controlling noise technology is mainly applied in the silencer system for aerospace test table, as well as the large sound insulation system for spacecraft and satellite noise test.

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