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      Adhering to the half century’s profound accumulation, rooted in fertile soil of the spiritual culture of china aerospace, the China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd. has trained and formed a corporate culture system of rich space characteristics and building enterprise characteristics. “Strengthening the army by relying on science & technology and serving the country by aerospace” is the China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd.’s enterprise missions; “reality, innovation, cooperation and dedication” is enterprise spirits; and “being strict, cautious, careful and concrete” is enterprise features; the management principle. policies are “based on space, market-oriented,  thriving enterprise by science & technology, harmonious-development”,By the elaborate architecture works curved by the corporate employees, by the several civilized construction sites and by the charisma of models of spiritual civilization like Lin Jiafeng (“Lei Feng Around”),  the influence and cultural soft power of the aerospace construction design’s brand are spreading and increasing constantly all over China and  around the world with the pace of management and development.

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