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Bruce grew up on a dairy farm near Callaway, Minnesota and actively farmed for a number of years.

He received his undergraduate degree from Moorhead State University and law degree from the University of North Dakota School of Law.


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1. Does my adoption have to be handled by an adoption court?

Yes. All domestic adoptions must be approved by an adoption court, no matter if you are working with an adoption agency or on your own.The process involves filing a petition with the court and going through an adoption hearing after a certain period of time. Often, the final court decree approving the adoption is a special event celebrated by adopting families. Requirements regarding international adoptions tend to differ from domestic adoption laws.

2. Are there any requirements regarding what my adoption petition should say?

Yes, you must include certain information on the adoption petition you submit to the court. Typically this includes the name and address of the petitioner, the name, age, and gender of the child, and the city and state in which he or she was born. Information about biological parents is also included if it is known. Adoption petition requirements vary from state to state, but all of them require certain basic information about the parties involved in the adoption.

3. What are the legal requirements for international adoption?

Legal requirements for international adoption are different depending on the country from which the child is being adopted. Most of the requirements needed for a domestic adoption are included in an international adoption. For instance, internationally adopting families will need to go through a home study which includes visits to their homes and extensive interviews with all of their family members. Additionally, foreign countries might have restrictions on who can adopt from their country and they might require adopting families to live in-country for a certain period of time.

4. What are the different types of adoption?

There are several different types of adoption, including:
Domestic closed adoption: occurs when a child is adopted within the same country and information about the child’s biological parent or parents is not shared with the adopting family.
Domestic open adoption: occurs when a child is adopted within the same country and information about the child’s biological parent or parents is known.
International adoption: occurs when someone adopts a child from a foreign country.
Foster care adoption: occurs when someone adopts a child through the state-run foster care system.
Step-child adoption: occurs when a step-parent adopts a child that is not biologically his or her own.

5. Can parents reclaim an adopted child?

Not if the adoption has been finalized. Some states have a period of time in which the biological mother and father can change their minds about the adoption. This is typically no more than a few days after the child is born or is placed. When a child is part of the foster care system, his or her biological parents must meet certain requirements to reclaim their child, but if their child becomes eligible for adoption they have lost the opportunity to reclaim their child.

​Bruce loves the outdoors, especially boating in the summer and hunting in the fall and especially enjoys cooking and entertaining his friends and family.

Bruce attributes the success of his lawpractice in part, to his many life experiences and the wonderful stream of referrals thathis office receives from the hundreds ofclients and their families that he has been privileged to represent in the past. Bruce’s practice of law is broad based, but over the years his practice has tended to focus onthe areas of Criminal Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation.

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