Child custody can be an extremely contentious issue for families. Everyone wants what is best for the children, but there are often disagreements about what that is. And even if your child’s other parent has primary custody that does not mean they own your child. You have rights as a parent, as well.

Ideally, parents will create a custody arrangement that is designed to protect the health and happiness of their child, and ensure relationships stay intact. Parents understand their children and the needs of their family and can often design the best possible scenario, but when that cannot occur, the court steps in and will design a child custody arrangement based on:

  • Child’s relationship with each parent
  • Relationships with other siblings and extended family members
  • Child’s and parent’s schedules
  • Child’s age and developmental needs
  • Mental and physical health of child and parents
  • Ability of each parent to care for the child full- or part-time
  • Child’s wishes if he or she is old enough to express a desire to be with one or both parents
  • Other considerations specific to the circumstances of the family

If you are involved in a child custody dispute or you are trying to create a custody arrangement that works for everyone in your family, you need an experienced attorney. Bruce Kunz can help. He understands custody laws in Minnesota and he has helped families throughout Perham, MN and the surrounding area settle custody disagreements and move forward in a happy and healthy manner.

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