Probate is the legal process required to settle an estate after a person has passed. It can come at a difficult emotional time and make a situation that is already challenging even more so. This is especially true when a matter ends up in litigation.

If you are involved in probate litigation, you need an attorney to help you.

Probate lawyers help surviving family members settle debts and distribute assets once a loved one is gone, with or without a will. Generally speaking they help executors of the estate manage the probate process.

Probate occurs in the majority of estates and can be a relatively smooth process, even if it tends to be lengthy. But in some cases, disputes arise. Probate Litigation occurs when there is a legal dispute about issues related to aging, disability and death. The process can involve a court battle over guardianships and conservatorships, powers of attorney, patient advocate designations, or the protest of a will or trust.

It is easy to understand why legal disputes such as these can be emotional and frustrating, and in many cases, tear families apart.

If you are involved in probate litigation, you need an attorney. Bruce Kunz can help. Bruce has worked with families in Perham, MN and throughout the area helping them with a variety of estate matters including probate litigation. Nobody wants to deal with a family dispute after a loved one dies, but sadly, it does occur.

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